About Wild Habitat

Wild Habitat Founder Timothy Bray

For all of the nomadic travelers, freedom-loving renters and those that eschew rigidity in favor of the power of change and continual transformation.   

Wild Habitat supports your evolution.   

Your home is your story. Our patterns are thoughtfully created and curated to energize your space and to very simply, be a reflection of you.    

We are driven by the limitless power of imagination. For us, style is pushing the boundaries of comfortable taste. Our appreciation for classical design is the scaffold that elevates our modern approach to wallpaper.

Each panel is carefully crafted by us in house to ensure our quality standards are met. Made from high grade polyester fabric with an adhesive backing, our wallpaper is the modern answer for the adventurous taste-maker.

How Wild Habitat Began

I moved from upstate New York down to Austin in 2008 and moved into the first apartment I could find. To my dismay, the walls were covered in that slick looking laminate wood paneling. As a renter I knew my options were limited so I thought the easiest way to change the walls was to get some traditional wallpaper and hang it up with double-sided tape.

I woke up the next morning to find all of the paper had fallen off the walls. Despite that setback, I spent the next several years imagining all the ways I could inject style into my spaces without infuriating off my landlords. 10 years later I am using my graphic design and UX/UI background push to the limits of creativity.