Lagune de Jasmin

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Removable Wallpaper

With its tropical colors and florid details, you can almost breathe in the heady aroma of jasmine blooming in a coastal lagoon. Wild Habitat’s Lagune de Jasmine design features a playful print, with colorful birds resting among a kaleidoscope of floral blooms. The whimsical nature of this easy, removable wallpaper feels right at home in bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, and sunrooms.


Production Notes: We print on-demand by hand and processing usually takes 3-5 days before shipping. 

Please Note: Like traditional wallpaper, there may be some color variation between batches. To ensure you receive uniform panels, we suggest you pad your order by at least 10%.

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Working with Our Wallpaper

One of the unique things about our peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is the way it can be removed and re-positioned as needed when you’re putting it up. However, this won’t work on some surfaces, including:

  • Textured walls (although once you sand them down and clean them up, you should be OK)
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Marble
  • Varnished wood
  • Existing vinyl
  • Walls painted with certain water-based (porous) paints and/or flat matte finishes

Applying our peel-and-stick removable wallpaper to any of these surfaces can mess with its adhesiveness, and it might not come off easily (or worse, it could damage the surface).

In addition, we don’t recommend using our peel-and-stick removable wallpaper on freshly painted walls. It takes paint roughly 30-40 days to fully cure (even if it’s dry to the touch). Waiting those 4-6 weeks definitely makes a difference in making sure the wallpaper doesn’t bubble and the paint stays damage-free.

If you’re planning to apply our wallpaper to any of these surfaces, user discretion is advised.

If the paper accidentally gets stuck to itself, have someone help you slowly pull the panels away from each other. In some cases, this will leave you with a bit of slightly wrinkled paper whose errors may seem unrecognizable on the wall. However, this does sometimes pull the ink off the surface. Please be careful when handling our wallpaper, as Wild Habitat cannot be held responsible for errors like this.

Wild Habitat’s Product Liability & Damages

Our peel-and-stick removable wallpaper adheres to most smooth, flat surfaces. We cannot guarantee that our wallpaper will stick to textured surfaces, or to surfaces painted with certain water-based (porous) or eggshell-finish paints. Make sure to test your surface with a sample before you buy a batch. User discretion is advised.

Our peel-and-stick removable wallpaper reflects the bold patterns and lively colors that inspire us. While we hope that vividness comes through in our pictures, we understand that computer screens may not give a 100% accurate representation of our designs. We recommend buying a 12" x 12" sample panel to ensure you’ll be happy with your end result. 

Tell me more about Removable Wallpaper.

Crazy, right? Our wallpaper is made of a high quality, durable polyester fabric with an amazing adhesive backing. Think Post-It Note...but bigger. Our wallpaper is designed to be removed and repositioned as necessary without sacrificing stickiness.

Our wallpaper is environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time! It is non-toxic, contains no PVC, glycol-ether or formaldehyde or phthalates.

What surfaces will Wild Habitat wallpaper work on?

We do not recommend textured walls. Our wallpaper works best on smooth, flat surfaces. This ensures maximum adhesion and limits the possibility of curling or even falling down!  If you have textured walls we recommend sanding down the texture to ensure the longevity of your wallpaper. We know that might be a pain, but its definitely less painful than having your design dream shattered by fallen wallpaper!

Our wallpaper is not recommended for glass, metal, marble, varnished wood or to cover existing vinyl. We cannot guarantee easy removal on those surfaces.

Can I put Wild Habitat in the bathroom, pretty please?!

Easily get rid of that 80's era blue bathroom with Wild Habitat’s wallpaper! We recommend keeping the wallpaper out of excessive water spray. We have yet to witness moisture affecting the adhesion of the wallpaper. User discretion advised. 

I just painted - do I need to wait to put up wallpaper?

Sorry to say, but you absolutely need to wait! It takes roughly 30-40 days for paint to fully cure. We agree, it is a bit of a detour on your road to adventurous design, but well worth it as it will ensure the paint underneath stays damage-free and your wallpaper stays bubble-free!

Can it be used outdoors?

It can though it truly depends on the region you live in as weather will affect the adhesion. But if you’re looking for some short-term, fun backgrounds for an outdoor event, Wild Habitat’s wallpapers are an excellent solution.

Can I use Wild Habitat’s wallpaper for other things…?

WE LOVE DIY PROJECTS! Innovative uses of our removable wallpaper make us light up. Don’t just stop at walls - refrigerators, washers and dryers are there for the makeover-ing! Stick it on risers of your (non-carpeted) staircase to give an under appreciated area some love. Unvarnished kitchen cabinets! Doors! Furniture! It’s your design journey and we’re here to help! User discretion is always advised!

I accidentally stuck some paper together, what do I do?

If your wallpaper gets stuck to itself all may not be lost. If you're of the fortunate you should be able to have someone help you slowly pull the panels away from each other. In some cases this will only leave you with some slightly wrinkled paper whose errors may seem unrecognizable on the wall. Sometimes it may pull the ink off the surface so you want to be very very careful! Wild Habitat can not be held responsible for errors like this.

I got the wallpaper wet, what do I do?

If your wallpaper gets a liquid on it make sure to gently spot dry it. Do not wipe the paper with pressure. Spot drying the paper carefully and gently tends to preserve the ink on the surface with minimal smudging. Scrubbing smears!

Wild Habitat’s Product Liability & Damages

Our wallpaper sticks to most smooth, flat surfaces. We cannot guarantee that our wallpaper will stick to textured or painted with certain water-based (porous) paints or eggshell. Make sure to test your surface with a sample before you buy a batch. User discretion is advised. 

Helpful Store Information

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Lagune de Jasmin
Lagune de Jasmin