Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

1. Preparation Party:

*Damp cloth - wipe down your walls with a clean damp cloth and allow them to dry completely

Meanwhile…gather ye things:
Level, Ruler/Measuring Tape, Pencil, X-acto Knife and A Buddy - more hands make lighter work!

2. Start in the top left corner of your wall

You'll notice that one side of your panels has a slight white margin - this is to designate the right side of the panel. Don't worry! You'll be overlapping the left side of a panel over the right side so the margin will disappear! 

Always lay panels from left to right

. Take your ruler/measuring tape and measure 27 inches from the left side of the wall. From that mark, draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor - this will be your guide.

3. Laying down the first panel

Start by peeling a third of the backing off of the panel. 

Starting at the ceiling, make sure this panel’s right edge is aligned with the straight line you drew in step 2.

4. Smoothing out the first panel

Use something soft and non-abrasive to smooth the panel down on the right side. Continue smoothing from right to left making sure there are no air bubbles and the panel is laying completely flat on the wall.

5. Lay down the second panel 

Panels have a 1/2 inch margin on the bottom and right side. The top of the second panel will overlap about 1/2 inch of the bottom of the first panel. Smooth down and outward removing any bubbles etc. 
Continue laying panels down in this first column until you reach the floor. Using an X-acto knife or a razor, trim any excess paper.

6. Beginning the second column

Remember: panels have a 1/2 inch margin on the right-side for overlap! 

Starting at the top of the second column, take your new panel and match the left side of the new panel to about 1/2 inch in on the right side of the first column. 

Smooth down, from left to right, removing any air bubbles.

7. Continue laying down your panels

Repeat the process laying down panels in columns top to bottom before moving from left to right. 

Don't forget the margins!

8. Finishing Up

Trim any excess paper at the edge of the walls and floor/baseboards. 

Stand back and admire your work!