How Much Should I Buy?

How Much Should I Buy?

Choosing wallpaper can be a big step - we know! But you’ve weighed the options, narrowed down your choices and picked the pattern you love - what’s next? Measuring!

Our removable wallpaper works a little differently than traditional wallpaper or, perhaps, like some other adhesive-backed wallpapers you might be familiar with. At Wild Habitat we offer three panel heights to accommodate most projects while attempting to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Because we offer panels rather than a continuous roll, the way to measure for our designs is a little different.

We know math can be a drag but we’ve created this quick reference guide to help you along the way.

1. Begin by measuring the width of your wall in inches. While we are exceedingly mindful of waste, please don’t try to eliminate windows or doors from this measurement. This allows for matching patterns and trimming.


2. Once you have that number, divide it by 27 (the width of our panels) to give you an approximation of how many panels you’ll need.

For instance, in the above example, the wall measures out to 180 inches. When you divide that by 27 inches you get 6.67 which means you’ll need at least 7 panels to cover the width of the wall.

*Always remember to round up so you don’t end up with any uncovered wall space!

3. Next, measure the height of your wall, from floor to ceiling, in inches as well. We suggest inches simply because our panels are listed in inches.

*Remember to include your baseboards. Those extra inches will give you some wiggle room when hanging the panels!

4. Choose the corresponding panel size and the number of panels and proceed to checkout. You're now one step on your way to beautiful wallpaper!