Can I Avoid Paper Waste?

Can I Avoid Paper Waste?

There may be some instance where you could avoid wasting paper. We would love to help you, as well as ourselves, avoid using too much paper when there is an alternative solution available to you!

Below is an example of a potential situation where you could save on waste, money and time.

Let’s say you have a sliding glass door leading to your garden. This door measures 72 inches in width by 80 inches in height. This wall measures out to 180 inches wide by 108 inches in height.

Rather than dividing the 180 inches and using the same 7 panels, you can do a little bit of extra math and potentially save yourself some money, time and work.

72 inches is a fairly wide area giving you a bit of room to work with it. Like you would divide the room width by 27 inches (our panel width), you take the width of the sliding door, in this case 72 inches and divide that by 27 inches.

When you do that you are left with 2.67. 

In this case, do not round up!

You can get 2 shorter panels to cover part of the area above the door.. Because the sliding door has a height of 80 inches from the floor, you still have to cover the side and then continue on with full length panels.

As we know from the our blog post entitled "How Much To Buy", it takes 7 panels to cover the entire 180 inch of this wall.

Simply subtract 2 (the shorter panels) from the total 7 (108 inch panels) and you are left with 5.

So for this example you could purchase 5 panels of 108 inch length & 2 panels of a shorter length.

Please do note: A majority of our shorter panels are 54 inches in length. There are some patterns that are slightly shorter or slightly longer. We advise you keep this in mind!